Planning, documents analysis and realization of professional wiring are the main activities of M.T.R.. They gears to supply high qualified military, civil and industrial applications for Missile and Radar Systems, Telephony, Aviation Technology, Railway Applications, Computer and Underwater Technology.

  • Traditional Wiring
  • Study, development and document design with CAD systems
  • Radio frequency and semi-rigid cables and test per band X,K,KU
  • Wiring assembly in external locations

Products are meant to be finished with procedures of pasting, potting, resin finishing, painting


  • Cable assembly

  • Cable assembly

  • Cable R.F. semi-rigid

  • Panel Wire Wrap assembly

  • Wiring for ASPIDE Missile

  • Wired Frames for Siemens
  • Wiring Analyzer DIT-MCO model 2115 Wiring Analyzer DIT-MCO model 2115 of 2500 points. 1500 VDC resistance and continuity from 0,01Ω to 99KΩ, insulation resistance 1000 MΩ, capacity measure from 10pF ÷ 5000 µF. Used for automatic tests of continuity, insulation, rigidity, capacity wiring.
  • VECTOR NETWORK Analyzer 10 MHZ ÷ 20 GHZWiring Test System 9500 T817 by DIT-MCO International Corporation, capacity of 1500 VCD-250 points VECTOR NETWORK Analyzer 10 MHZ ÷ 20GHZ.
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