In the last decade the company has developed capabilities in microwave field, paying attention to military products and applications in band X,L,S.


  • Directional couplers

  • Bulkhead couplers

  • Absorbing loads

  • Filters

  • Series filters

  • Filter inductance

  • Matched Filter

  • Guidelines

  • Rigid and semi-rigid cables RF

Visual inspection is carried out by qualified staff according to the executive design. After checked the item for absence of defects, it is subjected to mechanical test.

Mechanical test is carried out with the assistance of the following test equipment:

  • 3D Measuring Machine Brown&sharp DEA global status 07.10.07 with indexing head PH10MO
  • Precision measure with TP200 E=2,5+I/250 Johnson blocks and digital trusquin MITUOYO

RF Electronic testing is carried out using a Vector Network Analyzer R&S ZVM 4 Channels for amplitude measure and phase of scattering parameters. Frequency range from 10MHz to 20 GHz.

Vector Network Analyzer

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